“How people live their lives is a result of the stories that they believe about themselves."

Imagine if… you could dedicate your full time to pursue what you’ve always wanted.

What would you do if you had the time, resources, and ability to do what you’re actually passionate about?

To live life on your own terms?

These were the questions I asked myself as I struggled to clearly define what it is that I wanted…

So how have I eventually been able to:

  • Travel for over 2 months in Europe pursuing my love of dance, videography and exploration?
  • Have the incredible opportunity of visiting over 20 countries now?
  • Spend my time focusing on traveling while building an online business?

I believe life is an adventure and we should spend it pursuing the things that make you come alive!

See, my life wasn’t that much different than most people around me.

After following the conventional path of graduating, securing a great job, and having conveniences in life, I still found myself frustrated and wishing for more…

I knew I wanted to experience more, travel more, and live more, but I just wasn’t sure how to do it.

Yet, living in a time of so many possibilities and seeing so many examples of people living their best life, I knew that I wanted to do the same. 

I wanted to dedicate my time to doing what I truly enjoyed!


So without really knowing anything, I just decided to jump in and allow myself to explore the possibilities and experiment with the unknown.

I think it’s common to always be curious and want to be pursuing new ideas. 

As I began this journey, I was exploring many different ideas with the potential of allowing me to have the freedom to do what I really wanted.

My motivation is to work everyday to transform myself and become the person I need to be, to create the life I want to have.

Overall, this journey of discovery and exploration has been a really challenging and crazy one, but also one that inspires, motivates, and challenges me to make everyday count by doing what truly fulfills me.

I’ve definitely learned a lot of what to do and not to do along the way and it’s this knowledge, wisdom, and experience that I’d like to share with you. 

Hopefully to be able to inspire and empower you to pursue your own desires and begin the journey towards living life on your own terms!

The opportunities to pursue what you’ve always wanted definitely exist and are available to you, if you allow yourself the freedom to explore them.

My story

Make It Count

I’m sharing my personal journey, experiences, and lessons learned in the process of moving towards what makes me come alive.

Including the most useful resources I know to help you grow your knowledge, develop your skills, and provide you with guidance… 

So you too can expand the vision of your future, pursue the things that make you come alive, and seek to live life on your own terms!

Remember, how people live their lives is a result of the stories that they believe about themselves. 

Choose to believe in greatness and don’t ever get complacent with mediocrity!

Get up each morning to live, learn, love, and laugh – making every day count.


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