Best Things To Do In Eastern London – Detailed Activity Guide

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Discovering the various streets, markets, hidden gems and iconic sites around Eastern London that makes it so much fun to explore and get lost in!
Best Things To Do In Eastern London – Detailed Activity Guide -

These are definitely some of my top activities and things to do in London!

So remember to bring your comfortable walking shoes and get ready for an awesome day of exploration as we visit various iconic landmarks, quirky markets, hidden gems, and off the beaten path sites.

You’ll discover some of the best scenic places to admire the city from the skies, and we’ll also explore some interesting areas full of creativity and lively artwork.

Throughout this journey you’ll be discovering many amazing markets, delicious eateries, and unique food joints that the probably biggest challenge will be trying to make room for more food!

We’ll be roaming around on the streets of Southwark, City of London, Spitalfields, and Shoreditch, so don’t forget to bring your camera and some cash to help you enjoy, savor, and remember the amazing moments!

Neighborhood: Southwark

You can reach this area of town is pretty easily using the London Bridge Station and have an amazing time exploring this riverside area where you’ll discover plenty of interesting sights.

Wonder around the lovely streets and see the incredible boutiques, iconic landmarks, such as: The Shard, Tower Bridge, and its famous Borough Market.

Borough Market

Being one of the oldest food markets in London, this daily market is full of food vendors from all over the world.

You definitely cannot miss this market. This is a “must do” place that everyone should visit while in London.

Wherever you look, you’ll be tempted to immerse yourself in a variety of dishes. Among the things you can find here also includes, bread, oils, cheeses, wines, chocolate, doughnuts, seafood, produce, fruits and so much more.

By far the best donuts I’ve ever had will be found at the Bread Ahead Bakery.

Since there are so many amazing things to taste and enjoy, a pro tip is to buy various plates to try and share with friends. But, don’t get too full at the initial stall you find because you’ll definitely want to taste a lot of things.

Make sure to bring cash with you.

Although it’s often pretty crowded, the overall quality is amazing and it has a fantastic atmosphere.

The Shard

This massive and impressive building is the tallest one in Western Europe and provides an incredible 360 degree view of the city atop of it’s visitor center.

If you’d like to go, I suggest booking a time-slot in advanced to minimize any waits since it’s a pretty popular attraction.

You’ll take the elevators up to the 33rd floor which provides a nice scenery, but then change elevators and continue up to the 69th and 72nd floor for even more impressive views.

Hay’s Galleria

Here you’ll be standing at an old wharf site where a lot of trade would pass through, which now has been adorned with beautiful, arched ceiling, pretty boutiques, and an incredible animated ship known as the Navigator Sculpture that many times can be found switched on and moving.

It’s a beautiful area to stroll by and take advantage of the glass ceiling as a great backdrop for some photos.

HMS Belfast

Parked right on the Thames River, behold and get on board of an actual World War II battle cruiser!

If you enjoy military history, then this actual 1938 battleship is a great place to visit.

They have audio guides that will take you through the history of the ship, from it’s launch to its retirement in this incredible floating museum right in the middle of the city.

Potters Fields Park

This is the perfect place to lay down, relax, and enjoy a nice and sunny day out.

Feel free to take out your leftovers or dessert from your visit to Borough Market and enjoy them in this scenic park.

You’ll find wonderful grassy areas to lay down and enjoy the spectacular views of the river and the Tower Bridge.

This is the perfect spot to get that Instagram shot with the iconic bridge.

Tower Bridge

Probably one of the most famous bridges in the world and definitely an iconic landmark of London, Tower Bridge is an awesome structure that’s freely available to explore all year round.

You can walk around, over, and under the bridge for free, or pay the extra pounds if you’d like to explore the engine rooms, museum, and impressive walkways made of glass panels that provide spectacular views of the city, river, and traffic below.

This definitely a spectacular and impressive historical structure.

Neighborhood: City of London

Referred to as the “City” or the “Square Mile”, it’s one of London’s most historic neighborhoods and the financial business district.

You can find historical ruins alongside modern high rise buildings as well as some of the most upscale shops and fine dining restaurants in this part of town.

Tower of London

If you’ve ever wondered where the Crown Jewels are stored, then you’ve reached the right place.

This landmark, with its ancient buildings, doors and walls, is filled with history and you get to take a tour to learn all about it so you can imagine what life would’ve been like during those days when it was actually in use.

Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden

Very close to the Tower of London and hidden away between huge, modern buildings, you’ll find this small but delightfully beautiful secret spot in London.

These are the ruins of an old church that was destroyed during the infamous London Blitz, which has now transformed into a very tranquil, beautiful and quiet spot to relax, reflect, be restored.

You’ll find beautiful gardens with benches and a fountain in this enchanting public garden.

Sky Garden

Home to spectacular public gardens with various observation decks, an open air terrace, and incredible natural surroundings.

Here you’ll also get to experience epic 360 degree views around London and it’s totally free.

Definitely recommend booking in advance so you don’t have to wait and can get immediately.

Leadenhall Market

Featuring neat cobbled streets, gorgeous Victorian style buildings and a beautiful glass roof, this covered market center seriously transports you into another time.

It’s a small place, but a pleasure to wander around and check out it’s funky shops and eateries.

You’ll definitely want to take some great pictures here.

30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin)

Close to 600 feet tall, this building is often referred to as the “Pickle”.

The impressive architecture of this structure is truly remarkable and helps it stand out in the city.

Definitely worth walking by, checking it out, and using it as a great backdrop for some moody Instagram city shots.

Map Route & Locations

Neighborhood: Spitalfields

Sandwiched between various different surrounding neighborhoods, this unique places combines it all to provide an unique and trendy environment where you’ll discover everything from: gorgeous historic structures to, funky and creative artisan markets, and the latest hipster-like clubs and bars.

Surely there’s no lack of interesting things to see in this neighborhood, so get ready to get lost exploring throughout all of its streets.

Old Spitalfields Market

Open 7 days a week, there is so much to explore and see in this market that you’ll probably find something you didn’t even know you wanted.

It has an incredible atmosphere where you’ll find local artists, craftsmen and vendors along with food from all over the world.

There’s tons of jewelry shops, fashionable clothing, quirky accessories and so much more in this every changing and evolving market.

It that has a very welcoming vibe and it’s a great place to visit during a rainy day since you can be indoors.

Ely’s Yard

If chicken wings is what you’ve been craving for, then you’ve totally found the perfect spot!

In this awesome and creative spot you’ll find some pretty delicious food trucks with a variety of interesting food options.

With a bunch of tables and seating area, you’ll be able to sit down, eat, relax and enjoy the amazing environment that’s surrounded by awesome street art and interesting people.

Make sure to check out Banksy’s Pink Car in this plaza.

Brick Lane Street & Market

A very well known and historic street that’s now famous for the countless Indian food joints and curry houses all lined up next to each other.

Along this awesome street you’ll find tons of bars, restaurants, street graffiti, and if you’re there on the weekend make sure to check out the Brick Lane market.

The street art is so awesome and impressive that you can even purchase tour packages to guide you all around the streets.

It’s definitely a fun place to visit where you’ll have plenty to see, to do, and where you’ll find countless of opportunities all around to take amazing photos.

Nomadic Community Garden

If you enjoy exploring areas that are off the beaten path, then you definitely can’t miss this incredible garden that’s a rare, hidden gem unlike you’ve ever seen before, located just between the railway near Brick Lane.

You’ll find a lot of interesting and creative paintings, sculptures all made out recycled and reused components.

Walk around this lively, funky, and colorful space and check out all the creative installations that the community has created.

Feeling like you’ve stepped into a different world, this spot is full of wonderful surprises, has a relaxed atmosphere, and I highly recommend bringing your camera because this is the perfect spot for many unique, Instagram worthy pictures.

Neighborhood: Shoreditch

Home to a very creative, urban, and industrial atmosphere, walking around Shoreditch you’ll find an interesting combination of transformed warehouses, colorful street art, artisan coffee houses, and independent vendors.

All throughout you’ll see that many of the shops and walls are painted and decorated with street art.

This is a very interesting area where you’ll be surrounded by artsy trendsetters and urban creatives.

This is a great place to go shopping and find truly unique designs, as well as one of the best spots to check out for night time festivities.

Boxpark Shoreditch

An awesome and very creative two-story popup mall that’s constructed out of shipping containers and creates an awesome ambiance by housing a collection of shops, galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

With live music and entertainment, it’s definitely has a fun and lively atmosphere that serves as an great spot to hangout, relax, and have a great time.

Filled with a bunch of interesting eateries and bars, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the variety of choices you have available. Including many Vegan friendly dishes.

Urban Food Fest

Featuring a variety of food trucks and vendors that are changing all the time, you’re bound to have an incredible time in this outdoor street market that combines live entertainment, a colorful ambiance, and tons of games to pass the time by.

There’s plenty of seating all around, fun table games such as Jenga and Ping Pong, and you’ll find a wide selection of beer and cocktails, of which the Berry Mojito is highly recommended.

Ace Hotel

With a bustling atmosphere, this hotel lobby offers a very welcoming and communal working space, with free WiFi and a coffee shop and bar.

Feel free to grab a coffee, relax from a long day of walking while connecting online to update your social media or research plans for the night.

You’ll constantly find people hunkered down in this spot working, eating, drinking and relaxing all at the same time.

Map Route & Locations


You’ve just conquered an epic journey full of adventure!

How many pictures did you end up taking?
How much food did you end up discovering and trying out?
How many souvenirs/gifts did you end up buying from all the markets?

I hope this guide has showed you many of the top things to do in London and has been helpful in allowing you to plan out some amazing activities to do around the city!

Let me know what some of your favorite spots are!

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