How To Find Cheap Flights & Airline Tickets – Including Tracking & Price Alerts

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With so many possibilities ranging from destinations, to dates and search tools, the entire process of booking flights can be extremely daunting and time consuming.
How To Find Cheap Flights Airline Tickets Including Tracking Price Alerts

Here you’ll discover some of the most useful techniques that will help you find and book the best flights options available in order to help you save time, money, and frustration the next time you’re looking for a travel getaway.

The main tool we’ll be analyzing is called Google Flights

It’s a powerful airline search engine that aggregates flights, routes, and tickets from airlines all over the world and provides you with very powerful features to help you find the best option that suits your needs.


One of the most amazing time saving features of Google Flights is the ability to search for flights using multiple cities at the same time. Whether it’s the departure or arrival destination, you’re able to select multiple cities and combine them all into just one search.

Google Flights Search

This gives you the ability to explore various flight routes and options in a very efficient way, so you’re not having to search each city individually.

Additionally, you’re given a variety of filtering options that helps you customize your searches and tailor it to your specific situation.

You can specify how many bags you’re planning on bringing, how many stops – if any – you’d prefer, which airlines you’d like to use, how much you’re willing to pay, the times for your flights.

Flight Insights & Comparison

In this section, you’ll see four options that provide you with suggestions for getting the best fare possible.

Google Flight Insights


In the Dates section, you’re presented with a chart of prices based on the dates of departure and arrival for your flight.

You’ll be shown fare prices for 3 days before and after of your selected flight dates.

So if your travel dates are flexible, then this gives you a great perspective into which dates are more favorable to fly.

Price Graph

The Price Graph section displays a trend of prices for the type of airfare that you’ve specified. This gives you the ability to see a trend in prices and analyze which months tend to be cheaper or more expensive.


This is a really handy feature that shows you airports that are nearby your chosen destination.

This way you’re able to compare the cost of flights directly to your destination or to airports that maybe relatively close that you probably weren’t even aware of.


Depending on the city of arrival, the main benefit of this section is that you’ll be able to find a travel guide for your destination.

This is really helpful in finding some of the most famous places to visit while on your trip and instantly gives you a set of activities to do, along with related statistics, articles and videos.

Flight Tracker & Price Alerts

Probably one of my favorite features of this site has got to be the ability to track flights prices for all the possible trips that I may have in mind.

Multiple Flight Tracker
Track Individual Flights

It provides you the ability of maintaining a list of a variety of flight combinations using different dates, cities, and routes, and be able to track the cost of all of them in one centralized place.

Flight Price Tracking

You are able to monitor the price fluctuations for all the flights available for a specified date.

Also, you can track the price just for one specific flight.

Chart of Price Fluctuations

You’ll also receive email price alerts notifying you of any price changes to your tracked flights.

It’s a very great way to stay informed and on top of your flight information on a daily basis without much too much effort.

Flight Email Alerts

Explore Map

I find this feature to be really helpful in building ideas and inspiration for your next adventure.

You’re provided with a world map on which you can specify a potential timeframe and season of your next trip, and then you can scroll around to see the price of airfares to destinations all around the world.

So even if you don’t exactly when you’d like to fly or can’t make decide on which destination you’d like to visit, you can use this flight to discover airfare prices and help guide your choice.

Google Flights Explore Map


Google Flights search engine is one of the most robust and powerful tools you can use to discover, search, track, and plan all of the flights and airfares necessary for your next trip.

It provides you with a high degree of customization in your search, all with the goal of saving your time and giving you the most relevant insights.

Even if you don’t know exactly where to go or which times to fly, this tool can help you explore the countless possibilities and guide you in the right track without wasting time or feeling overwhelmed.

Next time you’re planning your next trip, use this tool and let me know how your experience was like. I’d love to know what you like and what you don’t like about it.

Additional Travel Sites

Google Flights is a great tool which is the perfect place for starting out your search.

Now, once you have a better idea of your trip and the flight possibilities, here are additional sites you can use to also search and compare available flights and prices.

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